Warfect – Purveyors of Cadavers (OFFICIAL)

Warfect – Purveyors of Cadavers (OFFICIAL)

Purveyors of Cadavers (OFFICIAL Video, 2016)

Album: Scavengers

Label: Cyclone Empire

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Fredrik Wester – Guitar & Vocals
Kristian M Wallström – Bass Guitar
Manne Flood – Drums


Scavangers on prowl
Ripping open graves
Tombs are violated
Bodies are unearthed
Watch-houses erected
To shelter the watchers

Hired men on watch
Determined to protect
The newly deceased
Set in ground to finally rest

Defending the passed
From the approaching scavangers
Societies are formed in alliance

Buried, exhumed
Rise from the tomb
Graveyard warfare
Vultures rising
Purveyors of war

Coffins of iron
Set in ground
Metal maidens embracing remains
Blocking entrance
From the unwanted circleing the yard
Those who enters
The domain of the dead to gain
Railings of steel
And bars of metal
Spikes to penetrate

Government turning blind eye
Hiding the truth
Obscuring the deeds
Perception unknown
Minimize publicity
Hysteria avoided
To the world unknown
Til the word is out
Encasing those who went onwards
Imprisonment of death
Everyone in horror
Exhibit of dismal events
Unearth those helpless souls
To be viciously sacrificed

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