Until The Moment Comes – The Novelist (OFFICIAL)

Until The Moment Comes – The Novelist (OFFICIAL)

The Novelist (Official Video, 2017)

Album: Dark Clouds (EP, 2018)

Label: Independent

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You’re my puppet – I set your strains
I’m your master – My serf
Pulsing and pushing – Pulling and shaking
You dance my way – Be obedient
The cross dances – You have to follow
Cut your thread of life – Hurry on
I want you to hurry – Faster
No weakness – You poor pawn

Foreward – Backward – Move

Master, which direction, can’t stand for my own
My glimmer expires breathe life into my lost bone
Guide me to wherever and whenever you want
I’m your tool and operate without asking wherefore

Your darkest hour has begun – I’m your creator
I am your novelist

I know you’re right for me untouchable
As long as you’re my guide i’m ever stable

Ain’t got future without your protecting hand
My author, my creator, your servant

Wrench you to dark – Drag me to dark
Suck you up – Soak me up
Forever mine – Forever yours
And never be abandoned

Run the circle of force turn around till death
No foreign influence i’m blind and deaf
Until this moment i let my demons come out
My submission forever till i die
I die – Until i die

Your darkest hour has begun – I’m your creator
This is my puppetry – I am your novelist

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Recorded & mixed by Marc Görtz (Caliban)
Drums recorded by Henning Ukena
Mastered by Olman V. Wiebe Director, Editor, VFX: NikoTayari https://www.facebook.com/nikotayari
Cinematographer: Jörg Harms – Black Vision Films https://www.facebook.com/blackvisionf…

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