Tankard – Coastrock Festival 2019 (LIVE)

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@Coastrock Festival (LIVE Video 2019)

Datum: 28.09.2019
Veranstalter: Coastrock Festival
Location: LIVE @ Live Music Center (LMC) Emden


1.   One foot in the grave
2.   The morning after
3.   Zombie attack
4.   Not one day dead
5.   Rapid fire
6.   Rules for fools
7.   Die with a beer in your hand
8.   Minds on the moon
9.   R.I.B.
10. Pay to pray
11. Metal to metal
12. Rectifier
13. The beauty and the beast
14. Chemical invasion
15. Freibier
16. Alien
17. A girl called CERVEZA
18. Empty Tankard

Recorded by our partner Black Vision Films
Sound support by our partner Sick of Sound

Pictures: Stefan Liening Fotografie
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