Strike Master – Keep it True 2008 (LIVE)

Strike Master – Keep it True 2008 (LIVE)

Keep it True Festival 2008 (LIVE Video, 2008)

Die komplette Show der mexikanischen Thrasher Strike Master beim Keep It True Festival am 04.04.2008.

Mit Originaldrummer J.C. Chávez “Commander Chavez”, Ricardo Espinosa “Captain Ricardo” & Colonel Kmu.

Set List:

Intro (0:35)
Thrashing The Blind School (2:05)
Suicidal License (7:56)
S.T.C. (Street Criminals) (12:04)
O.M.D. (Orgiastic Mental Decadence) (15:31)
Merciless Machine (20:02)
Inflexible Steel (25:37)
Ritual Killings (28:53)
Up For The Massacre (34:21)
Drum Solo (36:28)
Prophetic Chemical Death (38:43)
M.A.O.A. (Maximum Ammount Of Agressions) (43:40)

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