Northerion – To The Raging Tides (OFFICIAL)

Northerion – To The Raging Tides (OFFICIAL)

To The Raging Tides (Official Video, 2019)

Album: Sky Above // Sea Below (2019)

Label: RecordJet

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Recorded by Henning Ukena & André Samuels / Mixed & mastered by Henning Ukena / Directed by nikoTayari / Filmed & edited by Jörg Harms (Black Vision Films


Solang de See deit flöstern (As long as the sea rushes)
Sall neet vergahn mien Naam (So shall my name prevail)
Laat ik mien Stimm verluden (My voice will not be silenced)
Legg ik mien Schwert neet daal (And down my sword not lain)

Weiht mi de Wind dör d‘ Haar (When wind waves through my hair)
wenn Nacht begrafft de Dag (When night buries the day)
Un Regen ruunt sien Naam (Rounds then the rain his name)
Rieder, de de Well’n draagt (Rider, borne by the waves)

Weet ik, free sall ik stahn (I know, free shall I stand)
solang bit kummt de Dag (Until the day then comes)
Wenn d‘ Wind mi weiht na Huus (When the wind blows me home)
Word eens de See mien Grafft (The sea shall be my grave)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
“Hear the story of a man
king of the seven frisian lands
seven free lands by the sea
defender of the ancient creed

Rather he would go to hell
where his ancestors might dwell
than to bow before the cross
of the dead god crowned with thorns

// Hear the storm arise
where the sun is sinking
to the raging tides
on these waves our lost king rides

Missionaries of the lord
would not bring peace, but a sword
Radbod fled into exile
his stronghold on the holy isle

But the times would heal his sores
His kingdom he would restore
The fire, that holy woods had burned
would take the churches in return

Lead the traitors to the coast
to a place the tides will cloak
castrated, sacraficed they will be
to the gods that they blasphemed

All ye free tribes arise
with the Aesirs on our side
blood shall paint the earth and sky
wherever the crosses rise”

Radbod, Verteidiger des alten Glaubens, Eroberer, Kirchenzündler und sagenumwobener letzter König der Friesen. Niemand vermag zu sagen, wie sein ruhmreiches Leben endete, noch wo er seine letzte Ruhe fand. Doch erhebt sich des Nachts der Sturm über der Nordsee, so kann man ihn noch heute über die Wellen reiten sehen.


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