Your band at METAL unites

First of all: you don’t have to read further, if you or your band members are rassist-scumbags!

We all have friends and fans all over the world, we are a huge community of metalhead worldwide!
All nations, all sexual orientations, all colours of skin and even religions (although religion sucks a lot, METAL is our real religion!) are welcome at METAL unites!

You want to present your band to METAL unites many metal fans from all over the world.

How does that work?

The core of METAL unites is to show your band’s videos to metal fans worldwide.

There are basically two possibilities for bands to be represented on METAL unites with:



Use METAL unites as an additional platform to promote your band.

– Each band gets an own artist-page and will be placed with the videos where it can be directly found: in the relevant genre!
– No difficult searching and coincidental finding on youtube and those, but purposeful only for those who should and want to hear: METALFANS worldwide!

So, become a part of METAL unites, with non-exclusive or exclusive videos!

Exclusive means: your video is nowhere to be found on the internet.

There are as well two possibilities.

1. YOU deliver the videos

You have it, for example once recorded and it is still unused on your hard drive around.

-> You give us exclusive videos (rehearsal room, live performance, “Official Video” or “Lyric Video” before the regular release) that you provide only to us for a certain period of time (at least 6 months) – or

2. WE produce the videos

-> You allow us to film you accordingly with one of our film crews.
Here are the rights to the recordings with us, because we have the time and especially financial costs.

You always get a video link for viewing and approval before each publication.
You can then have us cut a maximum of 20% of the video, e.g. if blatant gamblers or other things in there
(we are musicians ourselves and of course look ahead).


If we can record and use a concert, you will get a song of the recordings at your disposal in addition to the advantages (see below).
You tell us which song of the recording you would like to use, we prepare it, host it and you get the link to use it on your channels.

BUT: in return, we expect you to add the following: “The entire concert is available exclusively on”.

-> LIVESTREAMS – we’ll come to you and stream live concerts for our members.
Here, too, the rights to the recordings remain with us, because we have the time and especially financial outlay.

We then upload the material to our video host and can statistically evaluate it for you. LIVESTREAMS also remain as archive videos at METAL unites.

Advantage 1:
You will get an artist page with links to all your sales channels (or your labels).
There you will also find all your videos collected.

Advantage 2:
All your videos are also on the genre pages, so you are always present with your “target audience”.

Advantage 3:
Depending on the total length (one or more videos) of your, with us hosted, exclusive videos

-> up to 45 minutes
-> 45 to 90 minutes
-> over 90 minutes

you’ll receive a small payment.

It does not make you rich – but it is above what you get on youtube & Co.

Important: You get this money YEARLY and regardless of the number of streams, as long as the videos are EXCLUSIVELY hosted for us and with us.

So a band whose video has been retrieved 10 times gets the same amount of money as a band that has 10,000 views of their videos.
We are a community and therefore there is no “better” or “worse”. All bands should benefit immediately.

We reward your participation based on the membership of our members.
For every 100 members paying us (similar to a membership fee, but cheaper than Netflix, etc.), each band gets the same amount of money – depending on the total length of all available exclusive videos.

You will receive more information if you write us.

Send us your exclusive videos right here.

You may already have uploaded videos to youtube or another platform.
We can embed these videos.
For this you send us e.g. the youtube link and we’ll take a look.


-> This video shows you LIVE on stage or in the rehearsal room.
-> It can also be an “Official” video
-> or a lyric video
-> Sound and picture quality must be acceptable

What does not work: only music of your album / demos with a slideshow or just a logo / cover deposited.

We want to see you in action!

This is what you can do additionally:

If you want to get more familiar with Metalfans then you can send us albums, merchandise or ticket vouchers for your next gigs.
We are running some raffles for our members and your products could be raffled. 
That costs you nothing else and your name goes around!

You can sell your albums and merchandise via our shop!

We take over the processing and take as a commission 20%.

Example: You send us 5 CDs.
Then we sell the first CD on our own account, as a commission.
The sale of the other 4 CDs is on your account.
For that you get the money completely (the exact procedure with bills, etc., we explain separately).

However, it does not matter how many CDs we sell.
If we only sell these one, then it is your risk and the money for selling the first (and only) CD remains our commission, as an expense allowance.

If you’ve published exclusive material with us, you’ll have the opportunity to bring out special merchandise with and about METAL unites

We select the bands and write them down and produce merchandise at their own expense (of course after motivational agreements with the bands!).
We offer these to our members and you get paid 40% of the net profit.

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