Videographer at METAL unites

We may offer there also film jobs.

Join us as videographer or send in your material

Be listed as videographer

You don’t have to be an ultimate proffessional, in order to join METAL unites as videographer.

Only one thing: you have to deliver quality!

So, at the moment, we are searching for videographers all over the world, who will film metal-bands on behalf of METAL unites.

Just send us some offer about

  • your possible performance and service,
  • where you are located an
  • the periphery you would be able to film.

Sending material

You may have filmed bands in the past and the material you have created has not been used yet?

Then get in contact.
If you can bring a usage agreement with the bands, we can buy / use the material and you – and the band – will benefit.

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