Non-exclusive videos at METAL unites

You want to watch you non-exclusive video at METAL unites?


Picture and sound quality have to be really good (!) for our members!

If you are convinced, please fill out the form below and send it the required items. 

We’ll check it and decide if we can use it.
Submitting your proposal is no guarantee that the video will be included in the channels.

Here as well, please only:

  • LIVE-videos,
  • Rehearsalroom-videos,
  • Lyric-videos or
  • Official-videos.

No songs / albums with static image or stored slideshow!

Please keep in mind that there is no artist page or money for non-exclusive videos!

If we think your material is good enough for our members, we’ll use it for METAL unites. But we will NOT contact you at all.

Form for your announcement:

The style you think to belong to most:

For your orientation:
Black Metal (Black Metal, Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Unblack Metal) / Crossover (Punk'n Metal, Hardcore'n Metal) / Dark Metal / Death Metal (Old school Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Deathgrind, Death’n’Roll, Death Doom Metal) / Doom Metal (Stoner Doom Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Drone Doom Metal, Epic Doom Metal, Death Doom Metal) / Experimental Metal / Extreme Metal / Folk Metal (Celtic Metal) / Fun Metal (Rap Metal) / Gothic Metal / Grindcore (Goregrind, Deathgrind, Porngrind) / Hardrock / Heavy Metal (Hair Metal, True Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal) / Metalcore (Deathcore) / Neo-classic Metal / Nu Metal / Pagan Metal / Power Metal (US Power Metal, Euro Power Metal, Epic Power Metal) / Progressive Metal (Djent Metal) / Sludge Metal (Southern Sludge Metal, Stoner Sludge Metal) / Speed Metal / Symphonic Metal / Thrash Metal (Neo Thrash Metal)

I read the private policy and accept it.

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