Becoming ROCKER

Your start into the community.

You can become ROCKER either a year or one week.

Our claim is to add at least 2 new exclusive videos per month to the offer in the first year.

Maybe this is important for you as well:
a part of the membership-fees goes out to the bands, of which we present those exclusive videos!

Your ROCKER-membership contains:

As ROCKER you have access to all free videos, which we integrate into genres, subdivided by platforms like youtube & others.

The free videos e.g. contain:

  1. LIVE-conzerts
  2. Official-videos
  3. Lyric-videos
  4. Interviews
  5. How-to-videos
  6. Fun-videos
  7. Tips & trick-videos

Free videos are marked with a green MU-skull.

As ROCKER you have a 12 months (or 7 days) access to all exclusive videos, that we – subdivided into genres – provide to our members.

The exclusive videos e.g. contain:

  1. LIVE-Konzerte
  2. Official-Videos
  3. Lyric-Videos
  4. Interviews
  5. Rehearsalroom
  6. how-to-videos
  7. Tips & trick-videos
  8. etc.

These are only available for WARRIORS

Exclusive videos are marked with a red MU-skull.

As ROCKER you have access to our NEWSLETTER.

With it, we’ll inform you about new videos, specials, specials and activities of our partners, contests/raffles and more.

You can unsubscribe the newsletter when ever you want!
Please read the private policy.

As ROCKER you have (starting the 01.02.20202) exclusive access to the METAL unites webshop.

The webshop is constantly being expanded and there will be soon:

  1. METAL unites merchandise
  2. Things, a metalfan needs
  3. Albums and merchandise from MU-bands*
  4. Special merchandise from MU-bands*
  5. Specials and special products

* MU-bands are bands, of which we present exclusive videos.

As ROCKER you will receive special conditions from our online partners.
All partners always are metal related!
After logging in into you will have access to areas, in which you can view and contact our partners. On our map you will find all partners sorted by industries. You will find all information about the partners and the specials they offer to you.

Online-partner are partners, who offer their products exclusively online, such as: mailorder, labels, merchandisers, ticket sellers, jewelry retailers, magazines etc.

The partners have a contact form in their detailed information area, that you can easily fill out. You give your name, mail address and possibly your membership number, accept the privacy policy and submit the form. The partner will afterwards contact you by e-mail. They will e.g. send a coupon code for a discount when buying online.

You own some metal related company and want to become a partner?

Feel free to take a look.

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